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The highest value-add to Founders
per dollar invested

We Invest. Fast.

We do 2 zoom meetings. You get our decision the day after the second zoom. At 12:00 pm

We are called 2 | Twelve for that reason.

We cut $100,000 checks in pre-seed / seed companies, Enterprise / Cloud only.


We don't lead rounds. We are focused on North America

We Help. For real.

We help you build your company. After we invest, we have an onboarding session with Founders to present our support team and partners (see below).

Our mission is to make sure you will raise a series A. And a B. We have direct Partner access to 2/3 of the top US VC firms.

We do quarterly meetings with Founders to prepare their next fundraising.


How do we help

We provide the following services

We pay for everything!


David Straus

Executive Coaching

Our partner David will ignite the leader inside you.


To remind you how to reconnect your drive with your passion, and to ultimately give you the tools to listen to the vision you have deep inside for the company you lead.


Sales Coaching


Hilmon and Cory will help you build a scalable sales engine as fast as possible.


Getting there quickly will position you for a faster series A.

Cory Bray

Hilmon Sorey


CTO Mentoring


The engineering leader of your company can access a pool of 600+ seasoned mentors to help her develop the skills to lead your growing team.

With our partner, Plato.


Untitled design (5).png

Culture & Values


Anne and Steph of At Your Core will help you to cultivate culture with intention. You’ll identify values and behaviors that will be imperative to your early growth and you'll discuss topics ranging from how to make key first hires to how to maintain connection and engagement as you move to Series A and beyond.

Anne Foreman

Steph Mann


Mentor: Dave Yarnold


Dave served as CEO of ServiceMax, a provider of cloud-based field service management solutions, for 9 years. Prior to ServiceMax, he held several executive positions at Successfactors, Extensity, Clarify, Platinum Software Corporation, and Oracle. Dave will help you release your full potential as a leader.

Dave Yarnold


Personal Concierge


Our partner John Paul will provide you with a personal concierge so that you will have more time to focus on what matters to you and your company. Do you need to travel? Organize an off-site for your team? Take care of your home? Send gifts? John Paul will do that for you.


M&A Operator


Our General Partner Ben is Head of Corp Dev at LinkedIn.


When the time comes for an M&A discussion, he will be on your side of the table.

Ben Orthlieb




Our 60+ LPs are founders & operators. You can ask them any questions via an in-house email system.


We have co-invested with

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